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Just like your car, house and even your life, its important that you look into what insurance your business requires. Without it, relatively small mishaps could put your livelihood at risk and destroy years of hard work

FreelanceWorld offers a broad and flexible range of insurance solutions to meet your business needs. All policies are carefully worded to provide added protection against the key risks you face as a freelancer-underwritten by insurers** who have an exemplary record in paying out on claims.

To learn more about our solutions and how they may have an impact on your business operations please click on the links below. Cover can start immediately assuming you meet our scheme criteria.

Professional Indemnity
Combined Business 
Legal Expenses
Personal Accident & Travel
Health & Safety

** Our Insurers have a minimum AA Credit rating from Standard & Poor’s – the world pre-eminent credit rating agency. This rating means our insurers capacity to meet their financial commitment is very strong.
Protecting Your Business Decisions
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